The cancerous, demonic tentacles of Marxism, Humanism, and Antisemitism have invaded every single part of global society. The enemy’s schemes have spread effectively throughout the entire world. How the demons of destruction dance with glee. How the foolish of this world do their wicked bidding. How the church stands on the sidelines wringing her hands in despair. Where are the people of God? Where are those willing to cry out to heaven for the souls of men? How many empty prayer services must there be? What must God do to wake His people?
I fear I know the answer to the last question. Not until utter destruction and death and the threat of annihilation rains down on our country, crosses our borders and destroys our very lives will God’s people return to God. It was that way with the Children of Israel. Have we learned nothing from history?
Still, I pray merciful Father for You to spare us the judgment we deserve. Revive us O Lord! Restore us O heavenly Father! Pour out your grace on us once again for Your name’s sake and for the sake of the faithful remnant who have not bowed the knee to Baal, Molech and Ashteroth. I repent of my sins and the sins of this nation Almighty God. Heal us! Deliver us! Revive us! Amen.