Greetings one and all in the precious name of Jesus,
I am so excited for what this new year is going to bring to God’s children. Is this the year of the rapture? Who knows? I know this, I am doing a lot of looking up to the skies awaiting His return. Whatever awaits us up there is far better than even the best day down here.
Are you a person who makes resolutions for the new year? I’m not. Not really. However I do like to make one resolution. Not to lose weight or workout more but to grow closer to Jesus. Everyday is an opportunity to learn more about Jesus through the study of His Word and simply by spending time in His presence.
If you are a part of Life Springs Fellowship you probably think I sound like a broken record. I say these things a lot. But I know I need constant reminders of what my priorities should be. So, I pass them along to you as well.
The nice thing about making Jesus your number one priority for the coming year is that it will reap eternal rewards. Nothing you achieve on this earth will compare to that.
So, let’s start out this new year with an upward focus and an inward desire for Christ to transform us into His likeness. With those two goals in mind we will run the race and finish the course successfully.
Pastor Craig